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  • Throwback to the days where taking a pic on a porch that is not mine was acceptable and to the last time I had jeans on... aka 3 weeks ago🙃

I hope everyone is hanging in there...what are you doing to get through this? Would love to hear! Sending lots of love to you all during this unknown and scary time😘💕❤️ #liketkit #ltkspring
  • Since the gym {aka my form of therapy} is closed I have been getting my daily sweat in at home! I am using only dumbbells and resistance bands for this workout and incorporating running outside to also get Clark’s 🐶 energy! If you are not into working out watch just to see the zoo that is my life on the daily with @clarkandmabs 🤣🙄 4 Rounds {I only recorded 2}
1. 20 Sumo squats and dumbo oblique twist. 
2. 20 Single leg deadlift with weights
3. Bands on arms and legs. 10 reps each. When kicking back with legs extend arms from side to side. When kicking side to side with legs extend arms up and down and when kicking to the front extend arms diagonally! 
4. 20 lunges with weighted curls. 
5. .25 mile run {total of a mile when finished}

If you don’t have weights use cans and if you don’t have resistance bands rip up and old t-shirt! Clark was so tired and I felt so good after! Hope this is helpful!
  • Hanging with 1 out of 3 of my co-workers🐶😺👨🏻 This is the perfect time to train your hair to wash it less if you are WFH right now! I am sharing lots of tips and tricks on my stories and a tutorial on how I go from 5 day post shower bed head {swipe 👉🏼 to see} to looking fresh and presentable...for my hubs and fur babes😂How often do you go between washes?!🛀
  • Zero👌🏼plans on getting a couch yesterday but here we are. We put an order in @wolffurniture {the Towson, MD location which @artvanfurniture owned} in January and yesterday morning I randomly emailed our sales lady to get an ETA on when it was being delivered to start planning our move back in. She asks me to call her, so I did, and she proceeds to tell me that multiple locations were closing and they were stopping all deliveries, no one was getting their money back and our only option was to pick something else that was on the floor at the store with our deposit money (which was hundreds of dollars). Luckily we found this couch (it was already pretty picked thru when we got there and couldn’t find much we liked) and my brother in-law came with his truck to bring it to our house. Everyone that worked there was out of a job, any commission they were waiting on and lots of vacation time this year. Someone even DMed me and said they know someone who spent 10k there two weeks ago😔 We got very lucky but sadly the whole situation was handled very wrong and I feel bad for the people who are on the loosing end of this whole situation. Today I went to the house and treated some stains (folex was magic✨see my stories for before and afters) and used some @branchbasics products to clean it and it’s looking much better! Not the couch we originally picked out but sometimes you have to roll with the punches. And I’m very aware how dirty the floors are — we will be dealing with that ASAP.
  • When it is recommended to stay away from large crowds of people🍺🦠 {This lounge set is on sale for $ stinkin soft and comfy!}
  • Neutral + Spring vibes🌿 just waiting for the weather to fully cooperate! #liketkit #LTKspring #neutralstyle #springoutfit
  • •What•A•Journey•

We stopped by our house to check up on the progress and when walking into the guest room we couldn’t help but think about all that has gone down the past few months. The fire started on the other side of this wall which lead to our whole house being taken over by burnt debris, soot and smoke forcing us to move out the same week we were supposed to be done fixing it up. Swipe 👉🏼 to see this room when we first moved in before renovations to the day the fire happened. Never ever did we think this is the way things were going to go down when we decided to transform this little rancher into our dream home. But here we are months later watching things come together again and starting to think about moving back in. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster — from not being able to step foot in the house because of the awful smell and a broken heart, to having to remove everything so the house could be fully cleaned, to repurchasing flooring, windows, cabinets, paint and everything in between to put the pieces together again, to now picking out furniture, lighting and decor {again} and actually getting excited to move back in. Unfortunately, the fire was one of a few difficult things we had to go thru last year and the chain of events has changed us forever. We are ready to move forward from the hardest and most stagnant chapter of our lives and create happier memories and take all the lessons we have learned to stay deeply grateful for the good times❤️ Life throws some crazy shit at all of us and all you can do is roll with the punches and hold on for dear life. Everything has been put in perspective and for that I am grateful❤️ {P.S. there is a highlight on my profile called “House Fire” where I share the full story of the fire if you missed it}
  • As my mom was taking this photo someone came outside and told me not to stand on the steps bc...well they are falling apart🚫OOPS!😂 Wearing all of my favorite basics and neutrals {leopard is a neutral right?!}, it’s so nice to lighten up the layers with this gorg weather☀️ These leggings are spanx dupes and they are so good! Under $20 and a great alternative🖤 Also, can we agree that everyone needs a good denim jacket in their wardrobe?! #liketkit #LTKspring #wardrobebasics #casualstyle #everydaylook
  • I am on hair day 5 so sharing a few super easy ways to conceal the not so clean hair with cute accessories! 💁🏻‍♀️There are so many benefits of washing your hair less and these hair styles will help you achieve that, no problem!
  • Celebrated my hubs this weekend and surprised him with a little getaway to @turfvalleyresort for his birthday🎈We had the best 24 hours ever and I am just so dang thankful for him...he has been my rock this past year and I don’t know what I would do without him. We got to relax, have a three coarse meal complete w/ champagne🍾  had breakfast in bed🙌🏼 and so much more. Full details of our staycation is on the blog, highly recommend the package we got if you are looking to do something similar!

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