Styling A Silk Bandana 3 Ways

I always like to find ways to add accessories to outfits, it switches things up a bit and creates different looks within itself. When wearing a basic top with denim you can really add to the look with a pop of color in the shoe and other accessories. I decided to style this silk bandana three different ways with the same outfit, it is super versatile and a great way to add a fun accessory to your outfits this spring! I have challenged myself to accessories more to make my outfits pop and little things go a long way!  The first way I styled the bandana was like a headband, it works on any length of hair and is super cute! All I did was roll it from one corner to the other, placed it on the top of my head where it was comfortable and tied it at the bottom! I pulled some pieces forward to finish it off! If it doesn’t hold how you would like I would suggest adding some bobby pins! The second way I styled it was in my low pony! Since I got my hair cut I don’t have much to work with but the bandana … Continue reading Styling A Silk Bandana 3 Ways