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  • Spent the past few days organizing, hanging, cleaning and scheming all the ways we are going to make this house a home🤍 We have a long way to go but I’m excited...I just love the interior design process!

I originally got this shelf for the master bath but it ended up here...going to add a cute little plant on the top shelf but I thought it was the perfect place for my oil collection! Speaking of oils — this weekend I wanted to remove tape residue from our fireplace and lemon🍋 essential oil took it off was amazing! I also make my own a face oil that I use daily with essential oils {jojoba oil with copabia, frankensense and lavender}. It got me thinking, what is your favorite ways to use essential oils other than in a diffuser?! I need to know alllll the hacks!

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  • It’s been 175 days since I got the call that an electrical fire started at our house while the last of the siding was going up. We lost pretty much all material items that day but our animals @clarkandmabs ...the most important things in that house, were saved🙏🏼 Since then we have lived at my parents house and currently a rental that we are so grateful for while rebuilding our home. We thought we were going to moving back a few weeks ago but yet another setback, covid-19, prevented that from happening. But the time has finally come — we are moving HOME this weekend!! Verizon finally agreed to come and reinstall our internet and cable (outside only) and help us get up and running so we can wfh! If all goes well we will be back here full time! I just got chills writing that because I have been waiting for this day🤗 We have not lived in this house construction free since before we started fixing it up in Jan of 2019 and we could not be more excited to finally finishing making this place our home and live here again🤍

Preset: @ourcitynest warm balance

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  • Getting all ready to go...nowhere🙇🏻‍♀️ BUT I am sharing my Sephora sale picks on stories and my blog today. All of these products are items I use regularly and absolutely love! I am also sharing a GIVEAWAY with @neverbeenso to gift one of you some cash🤑to shop the sale so head to stories to learn how to enter! But before you do tag a friend in the comments below as an extra entry! We are just hoping to bring a little bit of joy to one of you in this crazy time💓If you could only pick one product from the sale to purchase...which would it be? I am so interested to hear what you guys are loving!

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  • STOOP KIDS AFRAID TO LEAVE HIS STOOP — I totally understand now😳😂All jokes aside I hope everyone is hanging in there!

Swipe👉🏼to see a before picture of the front of our house when we originally purchased it! There was a weird double door that I used to call the phone booth ☎️, a very ugly painted stoop area, a large window that showed the whole neighborhood our every move and outdated blue siding. During the reno we took the space in the “phone booth” and the closet inside the door to create an entryway so you no longer walk straight into the kitchen from the front door. We still need to power wash the stoop to get rid of the rest of the blue paint and match the stone on the house again, switch out the blue mailbox (or thinking I might just spray paint it white) and do landscaping but we have made p•r•o•g•r•e•s•s and it’s nice to stop and see how far we have come. We were supposed to move back in this weekend (see the house fire highlight to get caught up) but since that is not happening we will continue to work on it until that day comes🤍

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  • Make shift office at the dining room table...anyone else?! The hubs is on the phone a lot throughout the day so he has the office🤓

There is a try-on happening in stories — first in a long time! I am sharing lots of affordable loungewear pieces...tie dye, lounge sets & oversized tees oh my! Everything is linked on and beyond comfy, the only way to go these days😘

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  • My happy place🤍

We have waited a loooong time to get this screened in porch put together. I foresee lots of dinners, get togethers and memories being made out here...eventually🙏🏼I still need a few finishing touches but it feels so good to be so close to being back in our home. What a long and crazy journey it’s been, (see my “house fire” highlight to get caught up) it just goes to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel during tough times😘 #liketkit #StayHomeWithLTK #LTKhome #LTKspring #porchlife #homeliving #fixerupperstyle
  • A mini oasis🌿inside our home. We have not moved in yet but I told my husband that from now on I will be showering here🙌🏼 I had so much fun designing our master shower! I knew I wanted it to be neutral but I also wanted It to pop while making sure it was still timeless. The brass fixtures totally complimented and completed this space and we are obsessed with how it turned out! @hauserahome has so much inspo🤩such a dreamy account to follow! With this extra time on my hands, I have been slowly but surely getting each space ready to move in!

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  • Constantly between two moods🙂👉🏼😒
A few things I have been doing that helps me get out my funks:
-Getting ready in the morning
-Having a mini to-do list of things I want to get done that day to keep my mind busy
-Let my feelings come, really feel them, then let them go until I need to do it all over again
-Get outside with Clark🐶 twice a day. Once in the am to get his energy out then once again in the pm to go for a run and get both of our energy out
-Connect with family and friends to check in
I hope you are hanging in there and settling into your new {for now} normal. Thank you SO much to all of our healthcare workers tirelessly fight this virus❤️beyond grateful.
  • Throwback to the days where taking a pic on a porch that is not mine was acceptable and to the last time I had jeans on... aka 3 weeks ago🙃

I hope everyone is hanging in there...what are you doing to get through this? Would love to hear! Sending lots of love to you all during this unknown and scary time😘💕❤️ #liketkit #ltkspring
  • Since the gym {aka my form of therapy} is closed I have been getting my daily sweat in at home! I am using only dumbbells and resistance bands for this workout and incorporating running outside to also get Clark’s 🐶 energy! If you are not into working out watch just to see the zoo that is my life on the daily with @clarkandmabs 🤣🙄 4 Rounds {I only recorded 2}
1. 20 Sumo squats and dumbo oblique twist. 
2. 20 Single leg deadlift with weights
3. Bands on arms and legs. 10 reps each. When kicking back with legs extend arms from side to side. When kicking side to side with legs extend arms up and down and when kicking to the front extend arms diagonally! 
4. 20 lunges with weighted curls. 
5. .25 mile run {total of a mile when finished}

If you don’t have weights use cans and if you don’t have resistance bands rip up and old t-shirt! Clark was so tired and I felt so good after! Hope this is helpful!
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