• The most Mondayish Monday ever! Anyone else?😔 {talking about why in stories} But I was very impulsive this weekend and revamped my whole website🎉 www.hollybmurphy.com. Check it out next time you are on your computer! My latest post is all about @beautycounter and info on becoming a consultant and why I decided to! If you have ever been curious about it there is a link in my profile! Also sharing a website tour on my stories! 💋

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  • Snow happy RN ❄️ My sweater is on sale for $40 and my jacket is on sale for under $90! 🖤 Full outfit is linked on @liketoknow.it (username: hollybmurphy) or in the link in my profile under ‘shop my Instagram’

Happy Sunday! 💋

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  • All ready for the snow, call me crazy but I have been waiting for a month now! Stocked up on groceries {shared a haul on my stories} and will be wearing this outfit or a or a version of it 😅 all weekend long! Both my sweater and boots are on major sale and my leggings are only $18! Everything is linked on @liketoknow.it or in my profile under the ‘shop my instagram’ tab. Happy weekend! 💙

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  • Stayed cozy today with my little love who is 6 months old today! 💙 Got some snuggles in while his big brother took a nap! If I am this obsessed with my nephews I can’t even begin to imagine how I will feel about my future children 😍 My pullover is on sale and available in lots of colors and sizes! I sized up with this one and got my true size in the pink color...can’t go wrong either way! Avery is wearing a @softsie onesie and it is truly so soft, they come in the cutest prints! ✨

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  • I wore this dress to Christmas in Chicago and then to work today...so it’s safe to say it is super versatile and very comfortable! 🖤

Swipe to see a better look without the scarf. It is on sale then another 40% off when you add to your cart. It comes in 2 other beautiful colors and has an oversized fit so I got my true size. I love it, one of those pieces that will be in the rotation for a v long time 🙌🏼 Full look is linked on @liketoknow.it as well as my coat that I shared on my stories — on sale for $37.99! If you don’t have the app click the link in my bio then ‘shop my instagram’ 😘

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  • Growing up we are told to follow our dreams and if we work hard enough...they will come true {personal or professional}

But what do you do when you get to a point when you feel like you have done everything you can to make it come true and it still hasn’t happened yet?

Do you throw in the towel? What if your dreams are just around the corner and you are giving up right before it all happens?

Do you pivot and go in a different direction and hope that is the best course of action or keep going the way you have been believing with everything you have that it will work out?

Do you take a step back, stop dreaming and take the path you never thought you would take?

I would love to hear your opinion on this. Life can be difficult to navigate and decisions are all about perspective. What is yours?

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  • Alll the robber/watermelon 🍉 vibes on this Monday 🤪 Hope y’all had a great start to the week! Go get those 2019 goals and don’t stop until you make it happen 🙌🏼 http://liketk.it/2zcYG #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKshoecrush #goaldigging #sweaterweather
  • Sunday, ya feel me?

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  • Giving Mabs lots of extra cuddles on this rainy Saturday after getting her lady parts removed yesterday 😧 Adopting her after suddenly loosing our pup to cancer at the young age of 5 then loosing both of my grandparents was the best thing we have ever done 💕 My cousin and I were sitting at my parents house mourning the loss of the matriarch {and soon after patriarch} of our family and she showed me a picture a friend sent her of a kitten he had rescued and the rest is history! She has helped heal our broken hearts and made our house a home again 🙏🏼 Forever grateful!

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  • My first blog post of 2019 is up on hollybmurphy.com and it’s all about my healthy hair routine! 💁🏻‍♀️ It’s a question I get a lot so I’m spilling all the deets! I have been doing a lot of the same things for a while because they work so well but I just recently added new hot tools into the rotation and I have seen amazing results in a very short amount of time! 🎉 The link is in my bio to give it a read!

What is your favorite healthy hair tip?! 👇🏼 💋

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